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sábado, 14 de julio de 2007

Night Musume; Biography (English Version)

Back in 2005 there was a group of Chilean girls and boys who liked Hello!Project, a little Japanese pop music empire from which groups like Morning Musume or Mini Moni have born. These people used to share their liking in a Chilean board dedicated to these Japanese girls, and they also shared a special friendship.

These people used to meet from once in a while to listen to some music, to share files y also to share some time together. In this group, some brave girls had already do cosplay of their favorite H!P idols on a smaller scale and even when at first time it was kind of weird for the rest, little by little the cosplayer spirit began to come over the popular liking.

As a result, what we could call now a "unit" of Night Musume was born. This was the so called ViyuMorning unit, that specializes in H!P's Viyuden cosplay. Their first cosplay was Kaccho Iize Japan which was presented at the Punto Zero anime convention. So by chance, that would be the foundation stone of Night Musume.

Back in the winter months of 2005, the idea of doing a more complicated and organized cosplay rose, so the idea was a cosplay of Morning Musume. The song was chosen, the costume was planned, but the most important thing was missing: To gather a 12 girls group who wanted to spend time learning a dance and who also wanted to make their own costumes.

The project seemed very ambitious; however, it wasn't that difficult to organize. The group was then complete (including some girls who didn't really like cosplay), so setout kicked off.

Long training hours, several annoyances, tiredness to give away, as well as looking for accessories and the perfect cloths to be similar to the real Morning Musume were part of the issues the cosplayer girls had to face.

Something else was missing, though. A name, a personality for this group that little by little was uniting more and more. So, in one of those training sessions, and among the girls' voices, the idea of "Night Musume" was heard. It was a tribute from the opposite face of the earth to the idols world, to them who were staring at the sun while we were here, enjoying the moon. [Japan and Chile have a difference of 12-13 hours depending on the season.]

The first Night Musume project finished and so "The Manpower!" saw the light for first time.

Months passed, the scenery changed, and the project which was thought to be shown before some, turned into the idea of being shown at big otaku and jpop conventions. Exhibitionism? Perhaps, but it was finally held. And even when the results on an exhibition basis were not the best, carrying out the project increased the yearning to do better and well prepared things. A success, maybe only to Night Musume and their eternal friends, but a several hearts fulfilling success.

It was so how The Manpower was presented at Anime Expo 2005 where the group took part in the cosplay contest, and even when no prize was won, a room in public's memory was in fact, earned.

A new project saw the light en 2006's summer, with some new members (some others left, too.) It was a second cosplay, which highly surpassed the previously present level. So this time the success filled even more hearts, crating new yearnings to follow up.

The second Night Musume project was shown by then: "Mr.Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~". It was presented at first at the Fuyu Yasumi 2006 convention and then at Resident Kodama 2006.

Meanwhile, the work kept to venture as guests at Anime Expo 2006. In that occasion, several Night Musume units formed by members of the group itself and also guests showed their work. In this convention the following units were present: Viyuden with Koi no Nukegara, Koharu Kusumi with Koi kana, W with Koi no Vacance and Koi no Fuga, W again with Miss Love Tantei, Def Diva with Suki Sugite Baka Mitai, and Country Musume with Honey Pie.

Now in 2007 so far NM has been guest at the Nasaru Sakuhin convention with a mix of several units: Def Diva (Suki Sugite Baka Mitai), GAM (Melodies), Kusumi Koharu (Balalaika), Tanpopo (Last Kiss), Maki Goto (Uwasa no Sexy Guy), Berryz Koubou (Special Generation) and W (Robo Kiss.)

Of course, the invitations from other provinces in Chile also came. So this is how Night Musume went to the Cosplay & Karaoke convention in Rancagua. In that occasion, people were able to see Viyuden (Kaccho Iize Japan!), Tanpopo (Last Kiss), and 3 Nin Matsuri (Chu! Natsu Party.)

The last show was also in Rancagua at the Neko no Matsuri convention where Night Musume as a Morning Musume cosplay returns with a new release: Roman ~My Dear Boy~ (Black Version.) But units and soloists were also present with Maki Goto (Glass no Pumps), Viyuden (Koi no Nukegara), Morning Musume (Koi no Dance Site) and Maki Goto (Some Boys… Touch!).

After so much work, we can only say that Night Musume is keeping on. It keeps lots of projects, with bigger support and keener than ever. And the most important thing, closer than ever.

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Heiwa dijo...

pretty nice! *O*

Yunnie dijo...

Oh yes!!! very very cute!!! XDDDD

María Carolina dijo...

NM PWNS!!!!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi~ I´m very glad that I can find this discription in english cause I´m from Germany. I saw your videos on youtube and I think that you did a great job! I´m also in a Cosplaygroup but in Germany it´s calles Showgroup because we didn´t only make one or two scetches or some dances but we write our own plays and make original dances which last mostly more then an hour on stage haha~
So it´s very interesting for me to see what groups in other countrys do. Thanks for uploading on Youtube!